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Coastal city·Stardream Lake Tourism Town On sale Land

DIY to create a dimensional DNA dream city of travel, residence, and supermarket.
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  • Land
  • Soft
  • Not decorated
Address: Cambodia KohKong Botum Sakor District Andoung Tuek, Botum Sakor, Koh Kong


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Building information
Basic information
  • Project name:Coastal city·Stardream Lake Tourism Town
  • Property rights:Soft
  • Property type: Land
  • Decoration: Not decorated
  • Address: Cambodia KohKong Botum Sakor District Andoung Tuek, Botum Sakor, Koh Kong
  • Developer:Union City Development Group Co., Ltd.
  • Opening time:2020-08
  • Delivery time: Pending
Development Features
  • Seascape
  • Land for sell
  • Brand developer
  • High return yield
Layout details
All units(5)
0 Bed(5)

【project location】

located in the core area of Coastal city, it is the second largest mangrove forest in the world. close to Coastal city International Airport and the Gulf of Thailand in the south. The Coastal city Coast has a unique location advantage and is endowed with many native resources. With the planning concept of "ecology, life, live", it covers an area of 20 square kilometers, with a construction area of 4.5 million square meters and a saleable area of 3 million square meters. It will be developed and built in stages. The project fully integrates the local culture of the Coastal city Sea with the original ecological natural resources, adapts measures to local conditions, creates a miraculous combination of cultural tourism and ecology, conveys a pan-ocean mangrove park-style lifestyle, and strives to become a "world cultural tourism coast of  the dream aqua-city"

Dara Sakor·Stardream Lake Tourise Town location

【Project Surrounding Facilities]

Coastal city·Stardream Lake Tourise Town integrates Xing lake, Yue lake, and Ecological Park. It integrates lake, green space, ecology, and public beach experience. It integrates natural resources with cultural tourism industry, giving birth to an ecological journey and life. The lake, the water of life and the way of vacation in cultural tourism industry.

Dara Sakor·Stardream Lake Tourise Town

The new upgraded work of Coastal city, planning amorous entertainment facilities, meditation and meditation, health resorts, characteristic homestays, entrepreneurship (crafts), star lake, moon lake, ecological park eight cultural tourism industry clusters, to build an ecological industrial chain of industry and culture. The central core landscape belt, runs through the craft enterprise group, boutique resort group, homestay resort group, self-owned commercial group, and supporting group, creating a new interface for future life in a brand-new way.

【House Type】

start from 100㎡,average price from 360$/㎡,the land will last to 2107。



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  • 购房顾问

    Residential land for sale, 360$/㎡, starting at 100㎡,One-time payment can enjoy 8% discount, installment 2 years down payment 40%, 7.5% payment every quarter, 8 times in total, interest is 6%.


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Coastal city·Stardream Lake Tourism Town


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