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R&F City On sale Condo Shops

The layout of project is three lifts and eight households every floor, each household has good lighting.
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  • Condo / Shops
  • Delivery time 2021-06
  • Hard
  • Exquisite
Address: Cambodia Phnom Penh Mean Chey About 400 meters south of the intersection of Hun Sen Avenue and Moniwong Avenue


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  • R&F City, located on Hun Sen Avenue, with hardcover existing houses on sale. For one-time payment, get special discount 40% off, the price starts at $12XXXX!
  • R&F City enjoy 20%~40% off.
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    R&F City discount 20%~40% off for one time payment .
Building information
Basic information
  • Project name:R&F City
  • Property rights:Hard
  • Property type: Condo/ Shops
  • Decoration: Exquisite
  • Address: Cambodia Phnom Penh Mean Chey About 400 meters south of the intersection of Hun Sen Avenue and Moniwong Avenue
  • Developer:中国十强地产开发商
  • Opening time:2018-06
  • Delivery time: 2021-06
Development Features
  • Prime location
  • High return yield
  • Fast appreciation
  • Brand developer
  • Amenities
  • Lift
  • Fire Fighting System
  • Garden
  • Fire sprinkler
  • Alarm System
  • 24 Hours Security
  • Meeting Room
  • 24H Camera
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gym
  • Generator
Layout details
All units(4)
1 Bed(1)
2 Bed(1)
3 Bed(2)

【Project Description】

Phnom Penh Central City is located in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, an emerging Southeast Asian country.

Cambodia, a Southeast Asian hub country under the “Belt and Road” initiative, enjoys the title of “Asia’s New Tiger”. After the “Asian Four Little Dragons and Four Little Tigers”, the country has the fastest economic growth in Asia, with GDP growth exceeding 7% for 9 consecutive years. In 2019, it even led Southeast Asia with 7.1%.


Phnom Penh, both the capital and the country's largest city, relies on urbanization and national development dividends to make its real estate extremely valuable for investment. From 2018 to 2019, it ranked among the top 50 in the "Hurun Overseas Property Investment Return Index" for two consecutive years. In 2018, it ranked first with a comprehensive investment return rate of 29.4%, with house prices rising as high as 16.7%. Phnom Penh real estate is unique with its US dollar assets and freehold property rights.


Phnom Penh is in a period of explosive housing demand. Cambodia is the youngest country in the world. The average age of its citizens is only 27 years old. The population under 34 years old accounts for 70% of the population. The trend of buying homes and homes for the younger generation is on the horizon.

The central city of Phnom Penh aims at the residential upgrading needs of the younger generation and brings China's advanced garden-style residential community concept to Phnom Penh. The community scale of about 560,000 square meters, with commercial streets, high-end clubs and a large community garden of about 30,000 square meters, is a rare large-scale garden residential community in Phnom Penh, in sharp contrast with the local traditional townhouses and single apartment buildings. The products cover 38~130㎡ with one bedroom and two halls, two bedrooms and two halls and three bedrooms and two halls, combined with the 50-70 meters of super-building spacing, it has become a popular real estate in Phnom Penh.

【Project location】

The Phnom Penh Central City project is located on the main arterial road in the capital city center, at the junction of Phnom Penh’s widest avenue Hun Sen Avenue and the most prosperous Monivong Avenue. It is only 10 kilometers away from the new Phnom Penh International Airport and enjoys the capital's development dividend.


To the north are important institutions such as the embassy, police headquarters, hospitals, and the Ministry of Culture. The public security situation is good; to the south, ING New City, which is the key construction of the capital, is blessed with high-end leisure and entertainment facilities and is very livable.

Peripheral supporting

 Education: International School ISPP (one of the best international schools in Phnom Penh), Royal University of Economics and Law, etc.; Medical: First General Hospital, Bayon Hospital, Royal Cambodian Hospital (after completion, it will become the largest hospital in Phnom Penh); Entertainment: Yong Wang 3 Shopping Center (will become the largest shopping center in Phnom Penh after completion), PH Shopping Mall, Sophia Hotel, Rosewood Hotel, Baise River Restaurant, Aeon Shopping Center, Russian Market, Central Market, Olympic Stadium, National Museum, NagaWorld Casino ; Life: AEON Shopping Center, Russian Market, Central Market, PH Mall, AEON 3 Shopping Center (after completion, it will become the largest shopping center in Phnom Penh)



【Project Benefits】

The Phnom Penh Central City project is developed in two phases, and all houses can be accessed by the end of 2021.

Although there are a small number of quasi-existing apartment buildings in Phnom Penh, most of the residential complexes are basically under construction. When the check-in time is later, Phnom Penh R&F City will be the first large-scale residential complex to move in.


Jincheng Central City is an investment and self-occupation project, with a total of 5587 sets of hardcovered houses and another 38 sets of townhouses, which are just in need of improvement.

In order to welcome the alloy side market, the overall project is dominated by two bedrooms, accounting for 58%, followed by one bedroom, accounting for about 26%, and three bedrooms accounting for about 16%.


The housing area of the project is about 55-135 square meters (building area), which greatly controls the total area, lowers the investment threshold, and is cost-effective. Whether it is a needy group or an improvement group, suitable housing can be found.

【Investment advantage】

1. High investment report: The rental investment report is high, and the payback is quick.

2. High value-added: The increasingly perfect infrastructure will drive housing price growth.

3. High growth: During the period of economic growth, asset prices are bound to soar.

4. Low threshold: real estate prices are lower than other Southeast Asian countries.

5. Low risk: Obtain permanent property rights with a passport.

6. Low taxation: There is no capital gains tax on real estate investment.

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R&F City


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